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Staffed with powerful and professional technical team, Reliable Electric is capable of offering comprehensive pre-sales and after-sales service to our users.

Pre-sales Service
We can help you to choose the right inverter and offer advice based on your inquiries related to inverter, and solar or wind energy system.

After-sales Service
The inverter enjoys the lifetime technical support. During warranty, we can provide free maintenance service, and we may compensate our customer’s loss caused by the natural product quality problem. We can also send the common components to our users for repair, reducing the repair cost for both of us. OEM service is also provided.

You are welcomed to contact us if you have any problem related to inverter. We are always at your service to offer the optimal advice.

Main Products
  • Pure Sine Wave InverterIt is well received because of the high reliability and low failure rate. The off grid inverter is equipped with advanced CPU SCM intelligent control system, imported MOSFET from Mexico FAIRCHILD, Nippon Chemi-Con capacitor, and other smartly designed electronic components. The power inverter offers nine protections to your electric appliances.
  • G Solar Grid Tie InverterBoth types of the power inverter have high efficiency and MPPT function. The GTI series solar power inverter is designed with the input DC voltage of 10.5-28VDC and 22-50VDC, and G solar grid tie inverter is 10.8-30VDC, 22-60VDC, and 45-90VDC.