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  • Pure Sine Wave InverterIt is well received because of the high reliability and low failure rate. The off grid inverter is equipped with advanced CPU SCM intelligent control system, imported MOSFET from Mexico FAIRCHILD, Nippon Chemi-Con capacitor, and other smartly designed electronic components. The power inverter offers nine protections to your electric appliances.
  • Power Inverter with ChargerOur power inverter with charger can be classified into two series. The inverter-charger combis of UPS series is designed to offer 1000W to 6000W power, and inverter with AC charger series is supposed to supply 300W to 5000W power. Our combined inverter charger is well received home and abroad.
  • Modified Sine Wave InverterThe modified sine wave inverter is specially made for your favorite car and can perfectly match the cigarette lighter; it's much better than the original inverter system in the car.
    It offers an external 2.0 USB plug, LED (dual-color) automatically exchange.
  • Waterproof Micro Grid Tie InverterThanks to the reverse transmission technology for the solar inverter, which is one of our patented technologies used in AC electric power transmission, the output power of the waterproof micro grid tie inverter can provide power for load in priority and extra electricity to the grid.
  • GTI Micro Grid Tie Inverter This micro grid tie inverter can be directly connected to the solar panels, and there is no need to connect the battery. With precise maximum power point tracking function and automatic power locking ...
  • G Solar Grid Tie InverterBoth types of the power inverter have high efficiency and MPPT function. The GTI series solar power inverter is designed with the input DC voltage of 10.5-28VDC and 22-50VDC, and G solar grid tie inverter is 10.8-30VDC, 22-60VDC, and 45-90VDC.
  • WDL Wind Grid Tie InverterOur WDL wind grid tie inverter can be divided into two models, namely WDL series and WAL series, offering power from 250W to 2000W. The grid-tied wind inverter of WDL series is suitable for the DC output wind turbine. The high efficiency power inverter of WAL series can be connected to the AC output wind turbine directly.
  • WAL Wind Grid Tie InverterThe WAL wind grid tie inverter is designed in two models, WDL and WAL, to offer power from 250W to 2000W. The WDL high-safety power inverter is suitable for DC output wind turbine and the WAL grid-tied wind inverter can be directly connected to the AC output wind turbine.
  • MPPT Solar Charge ControllerSuperior to the conventional PWM controller, this TR MPPT solar charge controller increases the charge efficiency by 30% and potentially decreases the needed power of the solar panel.
  • PWM Solar Charge Controller The micro controller is employed for the PWM solar charge controller to control the accuracy digitally.
    PWM charge mode and state of charge available with this solar charge controlling device.
  • Solar Panel Size and Number of Cell: 125mm*125mm36pcs(4*9)
    Maximum Power (Pmax): 75W
    Tolerance: 3%
  • Wind Solar Hybrid Controller The wind solar hybrid controller offers perfect protection and alarming function, giving the system high stability.
    It offers LCD display function, visually displaying all operation parameters.
  • Wind Turbine Grid Tie ControllerThe PWM constant voltage control system is 120% of the rated power of the wind turbine. In case of exceeding the power range of PWN, the three-phase dump load system will start up automatically in a few seconds and stop after approximately ten or twenty minutes.
  • Wind Turbine The small power wind turbine starts in a breeze wind and is quiet, highly efficient and offers more energy output.
    It offers micro processor-based Smart Control.
  • Battery This gel deep cycle battery adopts superior design.
    It offers high power density.
    This product is made of thick plate and high density active materials.
  • 300W-1000W Portable Solar System The 300W-1000W solar system is a portable solar generator.
    With a LCD display, it generates modified sine wave or pure sine wave.
    This product can be charged by AC adapter charger or solar charger.
  • Off Grid Solar Power System This off gird solar power system is designed with the power in the range of 500w to 6000w. The product with specific power can be customized. Moreover, it consists of several components including the solar panel that can be selected single or poly ...

Reliable Electric Company mainly offers grid tie inverter, off-grid inverter, solar panel, wind turbine, solar charge controller, and wind solar hybrid controller. Our products are widely used in solar power generation and wind power generation field.