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EMPPT-60 MPPT Solar Charge Controller

EMPPT-60 MPPT Solar Charge Controller

Product Details
Model: EMPPT-60
Brand name: RELIABLE
Function: Solar charge
Payment terms: L/C, T/T, Western Union
Operating current: 60A
Technology: MPPT
LCD display: available

Our advanced MPPT solar charge controller adopts the DC/DC conversion technology and MCU technology. It can intelligently adjust the working point of solar panel array to get the maximum power. With the changes in external conditions, the MPPT controller will automatically track the working point at which the solar panel is at its maximum power, thus enhancing the utilization efficiency of the panels and reducing the costs of solar power generating system. Compared with common solar charge controllers, our equipment can generally improve the efficiency of the solar panels by 5% to 30 %. The increasing percentage of power output is subject to the nature of the solar panels, ambient temperature, and light conditions. It utilizes the large screen with lattice display and uses of the vivid icons to show the meanings of the parameters. Additionally, the product can be wall-mounted.

Product Functions

1Maximum power point trackingThis solar charge controller adopts DC/DC conversion technology as well as MCU technology to realize the maximum power output of the solar panels
2Battery reverse connection protection (reverse polarity protection)Reverse polarity will cause no damage to this product. ( under the condition of disconnecting to the solar panel) After correcting the fault, it will continue to operate correctly.
3Anti-battery reverse dischargeIf the voltage of solar panels is less than the voltage of battery, the battery will not discharge the battery pack of the solar panel.
4Anti-solar panels reverse connectionReverse connection of solar panel array will generate no damages to the controller. However, if you correct the connection, this device will operate normally.
5Three-stage charge controlBulk-absorption-float
6Float charging voltage ( adjustable)The users can adjust the float charging voltage within a certain scope.
7Temperature compensation for float charging voltageWhen it comes to the current battery temperature, taking 25℃ as a benchmark, the device will compensate the float charging voltage by -4mV/Cell/℃.
For 12V battery, compensation voltage: U=(t-25)*6*(-0.004)V;
For 24V battery, compensation voltage: U=(t-25)*12*(-0.004)V;
For 48V battery, compensation voltage: U=(t-25)*24*(-0.004)V
8Elevating charging voltage (adjustable)The users can adjust or regulate the elevating charging voltage within a certain scope
9Solar panel deviating from maximum power When the input power of solar panel is in excess of the acceptable power, this controller will enable the solar panel to deviate from the maximum power to prevent itself from damages. At that time, it will charge the battery by rated current.
10Internal overheating protectionWhen the internal temperature sensor detects excessive temperature, this product will stop working to prevent it from being damaged. It will work again when the internal temperature drops back to a certain degree.
11Temperature controlled fan When the internal temperature sensor detects the temperature exceeding a certain degree, the solar charge controller will start the cooling fan. If the temperature reduces to a certain degree, the cooling fan will automatically stop working.
12Panel over voltage protectionWhen the input voltage of the solar panels exceeds the rated voltage, this device will automatically start up the protection programs and stop working until the input voltage returns to the normal scope.
13Remote control This optional function makes it possible to view and modify the system parameters on a PC.
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