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10A/ 20A/ 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller

10A/ 20A/ 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller


Specifications of PWM Solar Charge Controller
Model RB-1205 RB-1210 RB-1215 RB-1220
Rated charging current 5A 10A 15A 20A
Rated discharging current 5A 10A 15A 20A
System voltage 12V or 24V, auto-sensing
Max. solar panel voltage 40V
Overload protection 130% (maintain for 60sec)
160% (maintain for 5sec)
More than 160% (Shut down the load output immediately)
Self-consumption ≤6mA
Charging circuit voltage drop ≤0.26V
Discharge circuit voltage drop ≤0.15V
Battery over voltage protection 17V, ×2/24V
Equalized charge voltage 14.8V, ×2/24V
Bulk charge voltage 14.2V, ×2/24V
Acceptable voltage (PWM) 14.2V, ×2/24V
Float charge voltage 13.8V, ×2/24V
Charge return voltage 13.2V, ×2/24V
Discharge stop voltage 11.2V, ×2/24V
Discharge return voltage 12.6V, ×2/24V
Temperature compensation -4mV/℃/2V
Operating temperature -35℃ to 55℃


1) The micro controller is employed for the PWM solar charge controller to control the accuracy digitally.
2) PWM charge mode and state of charge available with this solar charge controlling device.
3) Fully automatic operation & electronic protection
4) With PV array and timer, the charge controller can detect the daytime and night time automatically.
5) Double digital LED display: Displayed number is the preset time
6) Temperature compensation, with inside temperature sensor
7) Big terminals, big distance between terminals

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