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PWM Solar Charge Controller

  • 10A/ 20A/ 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller The micro controller is employed for the PWM solar charge controller to control the accuracy digitally.
    PWM charge mode and state of charge available with this solar charge controlling device.
  • CM Series PWM Solar Charge ControllerThe PWM solar charge controller offers intelligent PWM charge mode, automatic temperature compensation, adjustable charge-discharge control parameters, settable operating mode of load, and overload, short circuit protection.
Other Products
  • Solar Panel Size and Number of Cell: 125mm*125mm36pcs(4*9)
    Maximum Power (Pmax): 75W
    Tolerance: 3%
  • Wind Solar Hybrid Controller The wind solar hybrid controller offers perfect protection and alarming function, giving the system high stability.
    It offers LCD display function, visually displaying all operation parameters.