TR MPPT Solar Charge Controller

TR MPPT Solar Charge Controller

The solar charge controller utilizes the latest MPPT technology (Maximum Power Point Tracking) and the advanced tracking algorithm to make the solar module work under ideal voltage, getting the maximum available power.

Superior to the conventional PWM controller, this TR MPPT solar charge controller increases the charge efficiency by 30% and potentially decreases the needed power of the solar panel. It is capable of getting the high voltage solar panel to recharge a low voltage battery bank, effectively improving the flexibility on system design.

Due to the small current from the solar panel, the wire can be reduced in size. This product is ideal for off grid solar system, offering precise control for the charging and discharging of the battery. At the same time, the low voltage directive function (LVD) will prevent the battery damage from over discharging.

Key Features
1.The peak conversion efficiency of the product reaches 97%.
2. This MPPT solar charge controller works with high tracking efficiency that is up to 99%.
3. It runs at high tracking speed that is calculated by second.
4. This product supports 4-stage charge with PWM output.
5. It makes full use of the nature convection cooling technology.
6. When the product is operated with full power output, the temperature is up to 45ºC.
7. It allows temperature compensation.
8. Our product utilizes the sealed, gel and flooded battery.
9. It works with diversified load control.
10. This MPPT solar charge controller is configured with the RJ45 interface with optional meter.
11. It is supplied with 2 years of warranty for standard.

Electronic Protection
1.PV array short circuit
2.PV overvoltage
3.PV over current
5.Load short circuit
6.PV reverse polarity
7.Battery reverse polarity
8.High voltage transients


Model 1206RN 1210RN 1215RN2210RN 2215RN3215RN4215RN
System voltage12VDC/24VDC auto work
Max. battery current10A20A30A45A
Rated load current10A20A20A20A
Battery voltage range32V
Max. solar input voltage60VDC (Tracer-1206RN)___
100VDC (Tracer-1210RN)100VDC (Tracer-2210RN)__
150VDC (Tracer-1215RN)150VDC (Tracer-2215RN)150VDC (Tracer-3215RN)150VDC (Tracer-4215RN)
Max. PV input power12V system 130W, 24V system 260W12V system 260W, 24V system 520W12V system 390W, 24V system 780W12V system 585W 24V system 1170W
CommunicationTTL232/8pin RJ45
Temp. compensation-5mV/ºC/2V (25ºC)
Mechanical Parameters
Model 1206RN 1210RN 1215RN2210RN 2215RN3215RN4215RN
Mounting holes147×60mm160×80mm180×160mm180×`60mm
Mounting hole sizeΦ5Φ5Φ5Φ5
Terminal4mm²10 mm²25 mm²25 mm²
Environmental Parameters
Working temperature -35ºC~+55ºC
Storage temperature-35ºC~+80ºC
Ingress protectionIP30 (indoor)
MT-5 Remote Meter for MPPT Solar Charge Controller TR MPPT Solar Charge Controller
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