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WAL Wind Grid Tie Inverter

WAL Wind Grid Tie Inverter

The WAL wind grid tie inverter is designed in two models, WDL and WAL, to offer power from 250W to 2000W. The WDL high-safety power inverter is suitable for DC output wind turbine and the WAL grid-tied wind inverter can be directly connected to the AC output wind turbine. Both of the two wind grid tie inverters have built-in dump load controller and built-in high wind protection function.


Model RB-250G-
Normal AC Output Power 225W 450W 540W 900W 1450W 1800W
Maximum AC Output Power 250W 500W 600W 1000W 1500W 2000W
AC Output Voltage Switch is at 230V position. 190V-260V
Switch is at 115V position. 90V-130V
AC Output Frequency 46Hz-65Hz
Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) <5%
Power Factor 0.99
DC Input Voltage 10.8V-30V (The test point is at the output end of the rectifier.) 45V-90V (The test point is at the output end of the rectifier.)
22V-60V (The test point is at the output end of the rectifier.)
Peak Inverter Efficiency 92% (The consumption of the rectifier is not calculated.)
Standby Power Consumption <1.5W
Output Current Waveform Pure sine-wave
MPPT Function Yes
Over Current Protection Yes
Over Temperature Protection Yes
Reverse Polarity Protection Yes
Anti-islanding Protection Yes
Stacked Installation Yes
N.W. 1.7kg 3.5kg 3.5kg 5.0kg 4.6kg 5.5kg
G.W. 1.9kg 4.0kg 4.0kg 5.5kg 5.2kg 6.2kg
Dimension 295×190×100mm 332×265×135mm 405×275×123mm 353×230×92mm

Features & Installation

1) Wind grid tie inverter for AC output wind turbine
2) Build-in rectifier
3) Build-in dump load controller
4) Build-in high wind protection device
5) Optional LCD, display voltage, current, power, active power and cumulative running hour
6) Pure sine wave output
7) High frequency, high conversion rate
8) Anti-islanding protection
9) The input end and output end are fully isolated to ensure the electrical safety.
10) Multiple wind grid tie inverter can be stacked for high power.

The wind grid tie inverter can be connected to three-phase AC output wind turbine directly. No battery is required. The output end can be connected to the plug-and-play small home wind power generation system.

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