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GTI Micro Grid Tie Inverter

  • 200W-1000W Micro Grid Tie Inverter This micro grid tie inverter can be directly connected to the solar panels, and there is no need to connect the battery. With precise maximum power point tracking function and automatic power locking ...
  • 300W-500W Wide Volt Grid Tie Inverter The grid tie inverter is designed based on the latest luminosity perception technology. Based on different illuminating angle and intensity on the solar panel, the GTI inverter can produce outputs with ...
Other Products
  • G Solar Grid Tie InverterBoth types of the power inverter have high efficiency and MPPT function. The GTI series solar power inverter is designed with the input DC voltage of 10.5-28VDC and 22-50VDC, and G solar grid tie inverter is 10.8-30VDC, 22-60VDC, and 45-90VDC.
  • WDL Wind Grid Tie InverterOur WDL wind grid tie inverter can be divided into two models, namely WDL series and WAL series, offering power from 250W to 2000W. The grid-tied wind inverter of WDL series is suitable for the DC output wind turbine. The high efficiency power inverter of WAL series can be connected to the AC output wind turbine directly.